LIVE: Landing Page 2.0!

Horizon Protocol
3 min readJan 11, 2023

Out with the old, in with the new. We at Horizon Protocol believe strongly in creating products that are user friendly at their core. This is why we have been updating each of our products to improve the user experience they provide. Previous examples include: Upgrading Horizon Dashboard 1.5 and Horizon Genesis 2.0 to meet the feedback and suggestions we received from our communities, but also integrating automation for the distribution of staking rewards using Chainlink Keepers as a first step towards fully automating the staking and claiming process.

We realized that for these product upgrades to be sensible, it also required us to optimize our landing page. This is because it serves both as a HUB for all things Horizon Protocol, as well as the starting place for new users who are starting their journey with us.

And so today we are ready to introduce the upgraded version of Horizon Protocol Landing Page 2.0!

One of the first things you will notice is that the new landing page’s color scheme has been updated to match that of our other products giving it a more streamlined and modern look.

What’s also new are the selected highlights from our other products, such as staking metrics from Horizon Dashboard, current zAsset prices from Horizon Exchange, and APYs for all of our staking pools from Horizon Genesis. By simplifying the content through the use of adding resourceful information, visiting the new landing page will give users a true HUB-like experience.

The header and footer have also been updated offering ease of access for our users to find any information and resource, on anything Horizon Protocol-related, this should improve the average time on site.

With this release, we are thrilled to announce that all expected deliverables for Q4 2022 have been successfully completed. We are already making great strides on the highly anticipated milestones for 2023 and look forward to sharing our progress with the community in a forthcoming update to our 2023 plans.

While we continue to develop new key features for Horizon Exchange, we are also in the process of testing marketing strategies that can help to create awareness around the Horizon Protocol brand and products.

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