LIVE: Horizon Dashboard 1.5

Horizon Protocol
3 min readJun 29, 2022

After a successful beta, Horizon Dashboard 1.5 is now live!

Horizon Dashboard is a place where HZN stakers and traders can find useful trackable metrics. With its initial release we received a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions from the community on what we could improve, this update was developed with your feedback in mind.

What’s new:


  • Added a category for HZN locked in Liquidity Pools in the ‘Circulating Token Supply’ pie chart
  • Added a mouseover tooltip in the ‘Circulating Token Supply’ pie chart that shows exact HZN token values in each category
  • Added a mouseover tooltip on the ‘Weekly Rewards’ and ‘Unclaimed Rewards’ data points that shows exact HZN token values
“Circulating Token Supply’ Pie Chart Page
Staking Info Page

zASSET INFO Updates:

  • Added a new ‘Global zAsset Market Cap’ line chart that tracks the total debt pool value over time
  • Added a new data point for ‘Network Ratio’ that shows the aggregate collateralization ratio of all HZN wallets (not just staking wallets) vs. the current global debt pool
  • Redesigned the ‘Global zAsset Portfolio’ chart to more clearly show the breakdown of all zAssets in the global debt pool. Also includes a mouseover tooltip that shows an exact $ value and percentage of debt pool for each zAsset
  • Added a new sortable list of zAssets that clearly shows the current price, market cap, percentage of global debt pool, and a Metamask token link for each zAsset.
Global zAsset Portfolio Page
Sortable List of zAssets Page


Introducing a new section that displays trading information on Horizon Exchange

  • New data points include:

*Total Trading Volume — Total trading volume since the launch of Horizon Exchange

*Total Trades — Total trades completed since the launch of Horizon Exchange

*Total Trading Fees — Total trading fees generated since the launch of Horizon Exchange

*Total Unique Traders — Number of unique addresses that have traded on Horizon Exchange

  • Added a new “Trading Volume” histogram chart that shows the trading volume per day on Horizon Exchange. This chart can display volume data for the last 30, 90, and 365 days. This chart also includes a mouseover tooltip that shows exact $ values for each day
Trading Volume Info Page
Global zAsset Market Cap Page

Yield Farming Info Updates:

  • Added a mouseover tooltip on each staking pool’s ‘Weekly Rewards’ that shows the exact amount of HZN that is distributed to that pool each week
HZN-BNB LP Pool Page

Liquidation Info Updates:

  • Improved the data display of the ‘Recent Liquidations’ line chart so it fills the chart area and added a y-axis value display
Liquidation Info Page

UI Updates:

  • Updated the header UI to follow the updated design of Horizon Genesis 2.0 and Horizon Exchange
  • Minor improvements to the mobile UI
Landing Page

We hope you like the updates we’ve made to Horizon Dashboard. Let us know what you think!