We are proud to announce that Horizon Genesis has launched on BSC mainnet at 4:00 pm SGT Friday, 23rd July 2021!

The launch of Horizon Genesis truly marks the beginning of a long journey for all of us. Horizon Genesis is the backbone for all the synthetic assets that will be available on the upcoming Horizon Exchange, which is already in the works.


  • Horizon Staker has been merged into Horizon Genesis and will exist under the ‘Earn’ tab
  • The HZN staking pool has ceased to give rewards and all locks will be removed
  • The PHB pool and HZN-BNB LP…

The official launch of Horizon Genesis on BSC is just around the corner! In the meantime, we wanted to give the community a bit of a sneak-peak of the exciting new features available.

The improved minter for Horizon includes four main operations vital to the protocol:

  1. Stake HZN/Mint zUSD — Pool your HZN on Horizon Protocol and mint zUSD. Multiple preset Conservative, Neutral, and Aggressive minting strategies are available . You can also create your own strategy that best suits your investment style.
Stake HZN / Mint zUSD

2. Burn zUSD — Manage and maintain your debt/collaterization-ratio.

Horizon Genesis Testnet Update

We are happy to announce that our new version of Horizon Genesis is ready for a public testnet launch on Friday 11th of June. Horizon Genesis sets the foundation for Horizon Protocol with the collateralization logic needed to mint and trade synthetic assets. Horizon Genesis will release with the stake/mint, burn, claim, and earn functions. This update includes a brand new UI and some quality of life improvements for managing the user’s c-ratio.

More info about how this works can be read in our litepaper here or here.

We would like to invite the community to…

Hey Horizon Protocol community — time to get out your creative hats! We are excited to announce our first sticker competition. We are looking to our awesome community to show off their creative talent and show support for the project by creating some new, original, quirky and cool stickers specifically for Horizon Protocol!

So, if you are an artist, or you know one you want to partner up with, it’s time to show us what you got!

Competition Time

The competition starts now and will conclude on 5th June 2021 23:59UTC. …

Horizon Protocol Development Update

We are happy to share the focus of development is Horizon Genesis.

Horizon Genesis is the core system that backs Horizon Protocol and its synthetic assets (zAssets). It will be released with the ability to create a staking position by staking HZN as collateral (minting zUSD) and managing that position by minting and/or burning zUSD to achieve a desired collateralization ratio. Users will be rewarded for staking and managing their position through Horizon’s inflation policy outlined here.

The Horizon Protocol team is working on many updates for Genesis in terms of UI and front-end, as well…

We are excited to share the details of the three upcoming staking pools that will be available on the Horizon Staker platform.

There will be a 7-day lock period for all three pools that begins to countdown as soon as you have staked your tokens. After the 7-day lock period has concluded, you can then unstake your tokens or continue staking for HZN without a lock period on the initial tokens you have staked. …

An Overview on How to Use the Horizon Staker



The Horizon Staker supports the MetaMask Chrome Wallet with the Binance Smart Chain activated and the Binance Wallet Browser Extension (Chrome & Firefox).

Here are detailed guides on how to setup and use Metamask Wallet and Binance Wallet Browser Extension.

You can go to PancakeSwap and you will be automatically asked to confirm adding the Binance Smart Chain network to your MetaMask wallet.

Click the network options at the top of Binance Wallet to select Binance Smart Chain Network.


You will need one of the following three tokens…

Everything you need to know to swap between the various Phoenix Global tokens.

This guide will outline how to swap between PHX (NEP5) on NEO blockchain, PHB (BEP2) on Binance Chain, and PHB (BEP20) on Binance Smart Chain, using Binance.com and the Binance Wallet Browser Extension.

Swapping between PHX (NEP5) and PHB (BEP2) using Binance.com:


  • PHX (NEP5) inside NEO wallet
  • Binance.com account

Binance.com will automatically convert PHX (NEP5) to PHB (BEP2) upon deposit at a 1:1 ratio.

Login to Binance and go to your ‘Fiat and Spot’ wallet.

Dear Horizon Protocol Community,

We are proud to announce the start of the initial distribution phase of Horizon Protocol (HZN) on 9am UTC on Thursday 15th April 2021, in collaboration with PancakeSwap via their new IFO 2.0 process.

IFO Sale Details

  • IFO access: https://pancakeswap.finance/ifo
  • Sale start block: 6583020 (approx. 9am UTC on Thursday 15th April 2021)
  • Sale end block: 6584220 (approx. 10am UTC on Thursday 15th April 2021)
  • Amount to be raised: $2,500,000 USD in CAKE-BNB LP tokens
  • Tokens to be sold: 10,000,000 HZN (10% of initial HZN total supply)
  • Price per token: 1 HZN = $0.25 USD
  • Cake to…

We are excited to announce that Horizon Protocol has been deployed to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Mainnet!

This includes:

We also want to confirm that there will be three farming pools available on the Horizon Staker that will reward HZN:

  • PHB pool
  • HZN pool
  • HZN/BNB LP pool

Exact farming and reward…

Horizon Protocol

A DeFi platform facilitating the creation of on-chain synthetic assets representing the real economy. https://horizonprotocol.com/

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