Who Wants Cake?! — Horizon Genesis’ First Birthday

  • 7/23: Horizon Genesis is born.
  • 08/18: First community vote. This was an important first step in our journey towards a community-driven DAO. Community members got the opportunity to determine the lock period for the zUSD/BUSD LP, and with a 10% turnout this can be considered a great trial run!
  • 08/25: Another milestone was reached on August 25th, when the total supply of zUSD crossed $1 million for the first time.
  • 09/24: With the release of Horizon Dashboard another product was added to Horizon Protocol’s portfolio. This initial release provided stakers with network statistics and real-time data, such as token info, staking info, and liquidation info.
  • 11/05: Identity contest: Every community needs a name, ours being no exception. A majority of the community member votes decided on HZNation!
  • 12/15: The community asked for an AMA with the team. So we listened, gathered questions, and answered them categorically.
  • 01/21: Horizon Protocol’s Discord server was launched, as part of our plan to expand our social network presence. If you’re not a member yet, you can join the server through this link: https://discord.gg/GxfGJn6afB.
  • 02/25: Horizon Protocol integrates Chainlink’s price feeds.
  • 03/25: Horizon Protocol announces plans to utilize and integrate Chainlink Keepers.
  • 04/08: With products and content continuously being added, there was a need for more comprehensive docs. Therefore our legacy docs were replaced by the new Horizon Academy in preparation for a lot more content to come.
  • 04/19: Our Educational Director Stanton Wong is publicly introduced for the first time.
  • 04/22: Horizon Exchange is released with 20 new tradable zAssets!
  • 04/27: Chainlink AMA with Stanton.
  • 05/06: The introduction of Horizon Improvement Proposals, or HIPs.
  • 06/03: Horizon Genesis 2.0 is released. Genesis 2.0 comes with important updates to the UI and new pages, such as a debt tracker and escrow tracker.
  • 06/10: The Target C-Ratio is lowered. All three strategies have their target C-Ratios reduced by 100%. This was the result of our first HIP implementation.
  • 06/29: Horizon Dashboard 1.5 is released. Changes were made and things were added based on feedback from the community.
  • 07/05: zBNB/BNB Ellipsis LP is deployed. This is the result of HIP-1.
  • 07/07: BNB Arabic AMA with Stanton.
  • 07/08: Latest roadmap is released. This is where we are now. The roadmap shows the current priorities for Horizon Protocol. However as always, please feel free to leave suggestions through our social media channels on what you think should be prioritized.
  • You can gain points that will increase your chances to win 5,000 HZN:
  • Only submissions that meet the above requirement will get to be a part of the raffle. Each wallet will be verified prior to the raffle.
  • 10 winners via lucky draw will be announced by the next update. Wallets with more points will have more chances to win (i.e. a wallet with +2 points will have twice the chances of a wallet with +1 point).
  • You have one week to submit your wallet address via the Google form below, submission ends on July 29th 8pm SGT.
  • All submissions that meet the above requirement will receive an exclusive “Horizoneer” NFT!



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Horizon Protocol

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