[UPDATE] Initial List of Synthetic Assets for Horizon Exchange

In this update we will share our initial list of synthetic assets that are to be released on Horizon Exchange. Also, we would like to receive feedback from the community regarding the selection.

First we would like to give a brief status update: The development of Horizon Exchange is progressing well, and therefore the earlier set target of Q4 this year remains as is. Rest assured that if anything were to change regarding the targeted date, we will let the community know in advance.

Onto the matter at hand. As we are getting closer towards release, we are happy to share with you which synthetic assets (zAssets) we have collected to compose our initial batch of zAssets to accompany the launch. It is important to note that this is an initial list, meaning that it can change depending on the feedback we get from the community.

More zAssets are planned to be added to Horizon Exchange after launch. Furthermore, we will also be introducing shorting options after the first set of core assets have been successfully launched. More on this will be shared at a later time.

The initial list of synthetic assets to be released on Horizon Exchange:

  • SPY — SPDR S&P 500
  • QQQ — Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1
  • GOOG — Alphabet Inc.
  • AAPL — Apple Inc.
  • TSLA — Tesla, Inc.
  • GME — GameStop
  • COIN — Coinbase
  • XAU — Gold
  • XAG — Silver
  • WTI — W&T Offshore, Inc.
  • BTC — Bitcoin
  • ETH — Ethereum
  • BNB — Binance Coin
  • ADA — Cardano
  • LINK — Chainlink
  • CAKE — PancakeSwap
  • DOT — Polkadot
  • SOL — Solana
  • XRP — Ripple
  • EUR — Euro
  • USD — US Dollar
  • JPY — Japanse Yen

We would love to hear from you, the community, what you think of this initial list. Is there something missing that you would like to see added?

You can share your feedback with us through our Telegram channel, by DMing our CMs @DenisG17 and @trihard on Telegram or by messaging us on Twitter.

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