[Update] Beyond HZN Exchange

In this update we want to share our future development plans, adjustments to the roadmap, and what’s beyond Horizon Exchange launching in Q4!

Roadmap Adjustments

Picture 1. Roadmap

We’ll be adding three milestones to the roadmap in Q1 2022:

  • Horizon Genesis v2.0
  • Horizon Dashboard v1.5
  • Horizon Website Revamp

Horizon Genesis v2.0

The updates to Horizon Genesis v2.0 provide data HZN stakers and traders need. We will be adding new stats pages, making updates to UI, and improving the UX.

The new additions are:

  1. New Debt Tracker page — Track your debt portfolio, debt over time, and the global portfolio.
  2. New Escrow page — Track your escrowed HZN entries and their release dates.
  3. New History page — View and sort all your previous transactions on Horizon Genesis.
  4. New Home page — A portal page with an introduction to Horizon Genesis.

Horizon Dashboard v1.5

We will be introducing new trackable metrics for Horizon Exchange and updates to UI for the same reason as above; provide the necessary data to HZN stakers and traders..

Some new metrics:

  1. Breakdown of assets in global portfolio
  2. Trading Volume Stats (Total, sources, daily/weekly)
  3. Trader Stats (Total, unique, daily)
  4. Fees (Total, daily/weekly)

Updates necessary for Horizon Exchange, Horizon Genesis v2.0, and Horizon Dashboard vy1.5 will extend the ETH bridge to Q2 2022. In the meanwhile, we’re continuously monitoring the situation with Polynetwork in order to evaluate the viability of using them as originally planned to achieve our cross-chain interoperability goals.

We’ll post updates regarding each item and gather feedback as the releases roll out. Let’s get ready for Horizon Exchange and what comes after!

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