[Technical Update] Horizon Exchange Testnet

Hey HZNation!

In this update we’re outlining development progress since our last technical update and the final steps before Horizon Exchange is ready for mainnet launch!

At this point, the development of smart contract items for Horizon Exchange are mostly complete with front end and data API related elements remaining.

We have:

  • Updated all smart contracts for Horizon Exchange & Horizon Genesis
  • Internally tested mainnet smart contract update deployment scripts
  • Integrated front-end logic with smart contracts
  • Developed the core Horizon Exchange frontend

We are currently:

  • Internally testing Horizon Exchange contracts and frontend
  • Deploying a BSC testnet graph node to support data needs on public testnet
  • Developing zAsset price history and portfolio tracker data APIs


  • Integrate price history and portfolio tracker data API into Horizon Exchange
  • Deploy an updated live public testnet version of Horizon Exchange, Horizon Genesis, and Horizon Dashboard
  • Deploy a testnet HZN and zUSD faucet
  • Deploy several zAssets on testnet to trade

We expect to deploy Horizon Exchange on testnet this month for live testing before we launch Horizon Exchange mainnet!

Stay tuned on our channels to know exactly when you can have a first glance at Horizon Exchange! We’ll be looking for your feedback during the testing period to help us drive Horizon Exchange to mainnet as soon as possible.

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