[Proposal] zUSD/BUSD LP Pool Lock Period

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2 min readAug 21, 2021


Fig 1. Snapshot results for zUSD/BUSD LP Pool Lock Period

Hey all,

Remember to manage your C-Ratio and claim your rewards!

Our first Horizon Protocol Community Governance vote on the zUSD/BUSD LP pool lock period is complete! There’s a majority vote of 64% to have a 7 day lock period on the zUSD/BUSD LP pool. The changes will be implemented on August 27th at 12:00 pm SGT, after the weekly reward claim period has passed to give the community time to prepare.

It was great to see 10% of HZN holders come together in our first vote to participate in a community driven decision! Snapshot is the best choice for an off-chain governance method at this time and we’re looking into customizing a voting strategy that factors in the user’s debt balance instead of just the HZN balance as a better way to gauge the user’s voting power. We’ve noticed that users using Binance Chain Wallet are able to easily export their private key and import the same account to Metamask within minutes to be able to vote. We’ll incorporate this into our step-by-step guide for the future.

We will continue to vote on Horizon Protocol Improvement Proposals as we develop. We need to see more HZN holders showing up to vote in the future, especially for proposals governing critical aspects of Horizon Protocol. The more HZN holders that vote, the more representative the outcomes will be. Horizon Protocol Improvement Proposals will be scanned from our community in TG and put to a vote if the situation calls for it. This is where your feedback matters!

This can’t happen overnight but we’re confident that together as a community we will take the necessary steps in the journey to become a full DAO in the future where Horizon Protocol is completely driven by community governance.

Thanks to everyone that showed up to vote!

What should we be looking to vote on next?



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