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3 min readMay 28, 2021


Hey Horizon Protocol community — time to get out your creative hats! We are excited to announce our first sticker competition. We are looking to our awesome community to show off their creative talent and show support for the project by creating some new, original, quirky and cool stickers specifically for Horizon Protocol!

So, if you are an artist, or you know one you want to partner up with, it’s time to show us what you got!

Competition Time

The competition starts now and will conclude on 5th June 2021 23:59UTC. Entries must be received (email and tweet) prior to this time to be considered.

Competition rules and process:

1. Message and design

Must include and show Horizon Protocol characteristics (logo, branding, etc.). We have made the Horizon Protocol logo guidelines and font available here.

  • Unified and clear image, design and message.
  • Political, religious, sexual, and offensive based stickers are discouraged. Such entries will not be considered and will be ineligible to receive a prize.
  • Create a sticker pack in Telegram with at least 5 stickers, no maximum.
  • Must be your ORIGINAL WORK! We will know if its copied (Note — If you have previously created HZN stickers, we encourage you to submit them to this competition).

Remember, the overall aim is to attract users and spread awareness for Horizon Protocol. Make it fun, make it meme, make it Horizon!

2. Creating your sticker pack

  • Stickers must have a resolution of 512x512px
  • The image format must be PNG with a transparent layer
  • Create your stickers and upload to your Telegram.
  • Create a shareable link for us to view your stickers.

3. Submitting your sticker pack for the contest

Create a tweet with the following details:

  • TG sticker pack link
  • Tag two of your friends
  • Include the following hashtags: $HZN, @horizonprotocol

Send the following in an email to marketing@horizonprotocol.com:

  • Email title: Horizon Sticker Pack Competition
  • Your TG sticker pack link
  • Your TG @ handle
  • Your Twitter @ handle
  • Link to your tweet above

Note: Both the tweet and email must be provided and all requirements met for your submission to be eligible.

4. Rewards!

What’s a competition without rewards? These rewards are tailored to any aspiring artist so that he/she can get more recognition for the artwork and also see their work actively being used in our telegram group.

3 winners will be selected for this competition:

1st place:

  • $200 USD in $HZN
  • Artist recognition — Competition winners will be announced in a Medium post and on our social platforms (Option to link to your social media profile and/or portfolio)
  • Glory — your stickers added as official within Horizon Protocol telegram!

2nd place:

  • $100 USD in $HZN
  • Still some glory — your stickers added as official within Horizon Protocol telegram!

3rd place:

  • $50 USD in $HZN
  • Still some glory — your stickers added as official within Horizon Protocol telegram!

5. Selecting the winner

The Horizon Protocol team will review, rate, vote and ultimately decide on the winners! Additional points for creativity, originality, and quality. We wish you luck and are excited to see what the Horizon Protocol community will come up with!

We encourage you to get your friends and followers to retweet your entry or your favorite sticker packs to try and convince the judges!



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