Horizon Protocol Roadmap & Milestones Update

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3 min readAug 13, 2021


Hey guys,

Happy Reward Claim Day! Another claim day has passed, hope you’re enjoying the rewards! We wanted to update you guys about our recent roadmap update and to get your thoughts and feedback.

Figure 1. Horizon Protocol Updated Roadmap

Roadmap & Milestones

After reflecting on the initial roadmap we laid out in November 2020 last year, the current situation of development, as well as new factors that influence our roadmap, we have updated the roadmap with new line items and time estimations. The updated roadmap establishes the current priority for Horizon Protocol to better inform our community of the steps we are taking to achieve our long-term vision — a DeFi platform facilitating the creation of on-chain synthetic assets representing the real economy.

Here is a review of the completed items from the old roadmap as well as additional completed items that weren’t in the original roadmap:

  • Release Litepaper
  • Launch HZN Token on Testnet
  • Launch Horizon Genesis on Testnet
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Launch BEP-20 HZN token on Mainnet
  • Deployed all Staking Contracts on Mainnet
  • Launch HZN via PancakeSwap IFO
  • Launch Horizon Staker on Mainnet with 3 staking pools
  • Launch Horizon Genesis on BSC Mainnet

Items from the old roadmap that have been reorganized into the updated roadmap:

  • ERC-20 Token Contracts BEP-20/ERC-20 Bridge
  • ERC-20 Staking Contracts

In light of the PolyNetwork hack, our initial idea of utilizing their BSC-ETH bridge has been suspended. We are exploring other avenues that assure the security of all our users and the protocol.

As we look to the future, our most important short-term objective is Horizon Exchange along with the first set of the tradable synthetic assets. Horizon Dashboard, which is being worked on in parallel with Horizon Exchange, will help provide network transparency and data analytics for Horizon Protocol and is scheduled to be completed earlier by this quarter.

New items on the roadmap include:

  • Launch Horizon Dashboard
  • Launch Horizon Exchange with first set of tradable synthetic assets
  • Launch ERC-20 HZN with BSC-ETH token bridge
  • Launch new zAsset classes (zBaskets, inverse, zNFTs, others)
  • Introduce new assets to lend as collateral and back zassets
  • Launch Horizon Protocol Community Governance
  • Leveraged Trading

Longer-term future objectives:

  • Continue to add new innovative synthetic assets
  • Continue to further decentralize all aspects of Horizon Protocol (Community Treasury DAO, Protocol DAO)
  • Continue to expand and engage with our community across all socials
  • Continue to improve our marketing and education around synthetic assets/DeFi
  • Continue to improve the functionality and user experience of all Horizon Protocol products

The updated roadmap is subject to change and is in no way final. As Horizon Protocol, our community, and the crypto-space evolves, so will our goals and this roadmap. As before, we welcome your questions and feedback as they help us optimize our goals.

The updated roadmap can be viewed here and our litepaper has been updated to incorporate it.



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