Horizon Protocol Roadmap & Milestones Update

Figure 1. Horizon Protocol Updated Roadmap
  • Release Litepaper
  • Launch HZN Token on Testnet
  • Launch Horizon Genesis on Testnet
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Launch BEP-20 HZN token on Mainnet
  • Deployed all Staking Contracts on Mainnet
  • Launch HZN via PancakeSwap IFO
  • Launch Horizon Staker on Mainnet with 3 staking pools
  • Launch Horizon Genesis on BSC Mainnet
  • ERC-20 Token Contracts BEP-20/ERC-20 Bridge
  • ERC-20 Staking Contracts
  • Launch Horizon Dashboard
  • Launch Horizon Exchange with first set of tradable synthetic assets
  • Launch ERC-20 HZN with BSC-ETH token bridge
  • Launch new zAsset classes (zBaskets, inverse, zNFTs, others)
  • Introduce new assets to lend as collateral and back zassets
  • Launch Horizon Protocol Community Governance
  • Leveraged Trading
  • Continue to add new innovative synthetic assets
  • Continue to further decentralize all aspects of Horizon Protocol (Community Treasury DAO, Protocol DAO)
  • Continue to expand and engage with our community across all socials
  • Continue to improve our marketing and education around synthetic assets/DeFi
  • Continue to improve the functionality and user experience of all Horizon Protocol products



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Horizon Protocol

Horizon Protocol

A DeFi platform facilitating the creation of on-chain synthetic assets representing the real economy. https://horizonprotocol.com/