Horizon Protocol Mainnet Deployment and Staking Pools

We are excited to announce that Horizon Protocol has been deployed to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Mainnet!

This includes:

We also want to confirm that there will be three farming pools available on the Horizon Staker that will reward HZN:

  • PHB pool
  • HZN pool
  • HZN/BNB LP pool

Exact farming and reward details will be released in an upcoming announcement in the very near future.

Please note that you are welcome and encouraged to test the PHB BEP2 → BEP20 bridge via Binance Wallet. An upcoming guide will be soon released to assist users in this process.

We are also looking forward to sharing more information on our upcoming HZN token launch, so stay tuned!

Best Regards,

Horizon Protocol Team

Note: Knownsec have given Horizon Protocol smart contracts a last review, found it to have zero vulnerabilities and committed this result to the blockchain.

A DeFi platform facilitating the creation of on-chain synthetic assets representing the real economy. https://horizonprotocol.com/

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