Horizon Protocol Integrates with 1inch to Enhance On/Off Ramp Experience

Horizon Protocol
2 min readJun 25, 2024


We are pleased to announce the integration of 1inch, the leading decentralized exchange aggregator, into the Horizon Protocol platform. This integration aims to enhance the trading experience on Horizon Protocol, making it easier for users to access and manage synthetic assets like zUSD and zBNB, which can be used for trading other zAssets within our platform.

What This Means for Traders

By leveraging 1inch’s powerful aggregation protocol, Horizon Protocol users can now enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Convenient Account Management: Traders can now swap, buy, and bridge assets like HZN, zUSD, and zBNB directly under the Futures account manager on the Horizon Protocol DApp. This integration provides easy access to these functionalities without the need to switch between different platforms.
  2. Cohesive Trading Experience: Maintain custody of your funds and trade synthetic assets with zero slippage, deep liquidity, and low fees, all while using an interface designed to give you the best user experience.

Why This Matters

The integration of 1inch supports our mission to provide decentralized access to the real-world economy through synthetic assets. While this announcement focuses on the first phase, where users can directly swap HZN, zUSD, and zBNB within our platform via 1inch, we are also developing features that will further streamline the process. Soon, you’ll be able to use most stablecoins to deposit into your margin account, automatically swapping to zUSD via 1inch in a single transaction.

At Horizon Protocol, we are committed to empowering our community with the tools and resources needed to harness the full potential of DeFi derivatives. This integration with 1inch is a step forward in making DeFi more accessible for everyone.

About 1inch

1inch is a decentralized exchange aggregator that aims to provide traders with the best price and lowest fees on their transactions by collecting real-time pricing data from various DEXs, allowing traders to identify the optimal price across the market.

To learn more about 1inch, visit their website, X (Twitter), and Discord.

Horizon Protocol is a decentralized derivatives trading and liquidity protocol providing decentralized access to the real-world economy through synthetic assets. Through Horizon Protocol, users can access swaps and perpetual futures of RWA (real-world assets), including fiat currencies (i.e., USD, EUR, JPY), and commodities (i.e., gold, silver).

By leveraging a peer-to-pool model, Horizon Protocol offers DeFi traders low fees, deep liquidity, and zero slippage when trading borderless synthetic assets. Our focus on seamless UI/UX and educational content empowers our community to harness the full potential of DeFi derivatives.