Horizon Protocol Community Governance: Gas-free Voting with Snapshot

Voting on a Horizon Protocol Community Governance Proposal in 3 Easy Steps:

Fig 1. Search ‘Horizon Protocol’ on Snapshot
Fig 2. Click here to go directly to the Horizon Protocol space on Snapshot
Fig 3. ‘Export Private Key’ on Binance Chain Wallet and ‘Import Account’ on Metamask
Fig 4. Connect your Metamask wallet that holds your HZN
Fig 5. Confirm the connection and connect your wallet to Snapshot.
Fig 6. View and select a proposal
  • Voting system — Single choice voting — we’re opting to choose one option with your voting power.
  • Snapshot — the block at which the system snapshots HZN distribution between holders.
  • Strategy —Default voting power strategy is calculated based on the amount of HZN you hold (excluding escrowed HZN).
Fig 7. Find ‘Cast Your Vote’
Fig 8. Cast your vote
Fig 9. Confirm your vote with no gas cost.
Fig 10. Confirm your signature request
Fig 11. You have cast your vote!



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