Horizon Genesis UI Update and New PHB Pool (Action required)

Horizon Protocol will support the PHB redenomination plan by stopping the existing PHB (PHB V1) pool and starting a new PHB (PHB V2) pool.

The existing PHB V1 pool on Horizon Genesis will stop at approximately 12:00 pm (UTC+8) 2nd November and the new PHB V2 pool will start a few hours after the PHB redenomination is complete.

There are no changes to the original rewards. There is no deadline to unstake or swap your PHB V1.

Note: The lock period on the PHB V1 pool will be removed when the pool is stopped. You can stake right up until it ends, if you wish.

Users staking PHB V1 in Horizon Genesis will need to:

  1. Unstake the PHB V1 token
  2. Swap to the new PHB token (Link to swap guide)
  3. Restake in the PHB V2 pool to continue earning HZN rewards

At the same time, there will be updates to the Horizon Genesis ‘Earn’ tab UI. We’ve incorporated some of the feedback you guys provided to improve the user experience as well as adjusted some user interface elements to coincide with a larger planned update to Horizon Genesis.

We have:

  • Added a new “Live” and “Finished” pool sections
  • Included price values for staking assets in their respective pools
  • Added a method to quickly add tokens to your Metamask wallet
  • Updated a few color schemes and button designs
Picture 1. Horizon Genesis ‘Earn’ — Live Pools

The earn tab will be split into two sections: ‘Live’ and ‘Finished’.

The ‘Live’ section will display all ongoing pools where you can earn HZN as a reward. This is where the new PHB V2 pool will be alongside the existing HZN-BNB LP pool and zUSD-BUSD LP pool.

Picture 2. Horizon Genesis ‘Earn’ — Finished Pools

The ‘Finished’ section will contain pools that have ended. You can unstake tokens from finished pools here. There will be an alert notification if you have tokens that can be unstaked and this is where you will find the PHB V1 pool.

We’ve added a button to easily add the token address of a coin to your Metamask wallet. Simply click on it and ‘Add Token’.

Picture 3. Horizon Genesis ‘Earn’ — Add token address to Metamask button

We hope you like the new functionalities we’ve added to Horizon Genesis and the direction of the design we’ll be taking in the future. With a larger planned update schedule. As always, we want to hear your feedback on what you want to see personally on Horizon Genesis — join the community and let us know!

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