The first phase of the Horizon Genesis Testnet launch is complete.

The migration of code and smart contracts from the Ethereum chain to the Binance Smart Chain has been successful. Now we move forward to test the functionality and user interface of the Horizon Genesis dApp. At this time, the current front-end features available on the Horizon Genesis dApp are minting, burning and claiming. You will be able to mint zUSD by staking HZN and thereby incurring a debt that’s maintained by a collateralization ratio. Burning zUSD in effect repays debt and allows for reclaiming of HZN or managing the collateralization ratio. Finally, the claim feature will display the HZN staking rewards that you have earned during each weekly cycle and allow you to claim them if your target collateralization ratio has been maintained.

The upcoming mainnet Horizon token (HZN) launch distribution has been revised in the interest of fairness, transparency, and the strength of Horizon Protocol in the long term. The entire initial supply of 100 million HZN tokens will be 100% community mined through various staking rewards, partnerships, grants, bounties, and other rewards that can drive the Horizon Protocol ecosystem. This means there are no team or foundation allocations, and no VC pre-sales. The goal is to involve the community in the usage of these funds and to maintain absolute transparency.

How to connect to Horizon Genesis on Testnet

Horizon Genesis Testnet:

Select ‘Binance Smart Chain Test Network’ on the Binance Wallet web extension to be able to directly connect after confirmation.

  1. Log on Metamask
  2. In “Networks” dropdown, select “Custom RPC”

Type in below configurations:

3. After configuration of BSC on Metamask, switch to it, and then open up:

Add a custom asset on the Binance Wallet using the ‘+’ button twice and inputting the following token contract addresses:

Add a custom token on Metamask using the ‘add token button’, selecting custom token and inputting the following token contract addresses:

In case you need testnet BNB to make something function:

The community managers of the Horizon Protocol Telegram group will be manually distributing HZN for Testnet to users interested in participating and experiencing the current iteration of Horizon Genesis on Testnet. Join the Telegram Group from the link down below and contact a community manager to receive HZN after the above configurations have been made.

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