Horizon Genesis Launches on Mainnet!

  • Horizon Staker has been merged into Horizon Genesis and will exist under the ‘Earn’ tab
  • The HZN staking pool has ceased to give rewards and all locks will be removed
  • The PHB pool and HZN-BNB LP pool will continue as planned
  • The HZN token policy has commenced
  • Navigate to the ‘Earn’ tab in Horizon Genesis
  • Unstake your HZN from the HZN pool
  • Navigate to the ‘Mint’ tab
  • Do your own research and understand the risks involved in staking HZN in Horizon Genesis
  • Select your preferred strategy and mint zUSD in order to stake your HZN
  • Maintain your C-Ratio and claim your rewards!
  • System manager for tracking user c-ratios and liquidations
  • Automated system to manage weekly inflation minting and distribution
  • Automated system to manage weekly reward period closings and distributions
  • Automated system for global debt snapshot management and price feed updates
  • A tracking system that will protect the c-ratios of users in extremely volatile price movements or price attacks.
  • Tested all the systems mentioned above
  • Tested the HZN inflation initiating and distribution mechanism
  • Tested the front-end mainnet integrations and functions
  • Media partnerships: we have arranged partnerships with crypto media outlets that have 1m+ monthly visits with plans to syndicate to over 250+ others that have combined monthly visits of 13m+.
  • Content marketing campaign: we’re preparing a push of content across 50+ channels with different forms of content. Articles, videos, image quotes, infographics, slides, audios, and more.
  • Some examples of the distribution channels: Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Imgur, Instagram, Slideshare, Slideserve, Linkedin, Twitter, Medium, Tumblr, Reddit, Bitcointalk etc.
  • Influencer’s campaign: global and region specific level.
  • Advertisement campaign: we’ll be taking out ads on crypto websites.



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Horizon Protocol

Horizon Protocol

A DeFi platform facilitating the creation of on-chain synthetic assets representing the real economy. https://horizonprotocol.com/