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We’re excited to announce that Horizon Dashboard has beaten our timeline expectations and is now live!

Horizon Dashboard displays network statistics and real-time data for Horizon Protocol that aims to provide network transparency and actionable data with an emphasis on UX/UI.

“We know that we operate in a space that arose with the philosophy of transparency, decentralization, and community driven value. These values are what drive the crypto environment at large and we are committed to joining the momentum, in what can still be considered, the early stages of adoption. We are thrilled to extend Horizon Protocol’s commitment to these ideals with the launch of Horizon Dashboard.”

Horizon Dashboard is split into 5 sections:

  • Token Info
  • Horizon Genesis Staking Info
  • zAsset Info
  • Yield Farming Info
  • Liquidation Info
Figure 1. Token Info

Token Info displays an overview of the HZN token statistics where you can find price charts, market cap, and trading volumes. Use these metrics to get a quick overview of the token’s current trajectory.

Figure 2. Horizon Genesis Staking Info

Horizon Genesis Staking Info includes data related to staking HZN in Horizon Genesis. Utilize these stats to understand the behaviors of the circulating supply and the activities of HZN stakers.

Keep an eye out for:

  • HZN Locked/Circulating can be used as an indicator for the distribution of HZN locked in smart contracts vs. HZN available in wallets. The higher the % of locked HZN, the less HZN is available on the market to be purchased.
  • The amount of unclaimed rewards indicate how much value was not claimed in the week so far and potentially available for other users in the next week’s reward pool.
  • The change in active HZN stakers could be used to indicate the direction of active users (buying HZN and staking it) in Horizon Protocol.

Take advantage when rewards are the highest and circulating supply is low!

Figure 3. zAsset Info

zAsset Info outlines the distribution of synthetic assets on Horizon Protocol, zUSD Market Cap, Global C-Ratio, and zUSD price.

You can use:

  • zAsset Market Cap to track the value of all zAssets in Horizon Protocol
  • Global C-Ratio to understand the health of the network and as well as compare your own C-Ratio to what others are doing, which has an impact on your weekly reward distribution.
  • zUSD price on the open market to find arbitrage opportunities. Since Horizon Genesis always allows you to mint and burn zUSD at $1.00, any deviation in price on the open market can be a profitable opportunity.
Figure 4. Yield Farming Info

Yield Farming Info shows additional yield farming opportunities on Horizon Protocol that incentivize liquidity for necessary on-ramps.

Use the APY estimations and USD value of weekly rewards for each pool to understand the opportunities to earn yield with assets created on Horizon Protocol.

Figure 5. Liquidation Info

Liquidation Info reveals the current and historic data for liquidations on Horizon Protocol.

Liquidations are good for the network as they help keep the Global C-Ratio in check, and are also opportunities to earn a 10% HZN bonus reward when liquidating another account.

Users can monitor accounts currently flagged for liquidation, accounts open for liquidation, as well as view the total liquidation values on the network. Users that are liquidated do not lose their entire HZN holdings. Read more details about liquidation in Horizon Documentation to understand the process.

We hope you find Horizon Dashboard to be a useful addition to the Horizon Protocol product ecosystem. This is just the first iteration of Horizon Dashboard with many future additions in the pipeline, come join the discussion as to what you think we should add next!

Happy clam day to all!



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