Exploring Your New Horizon

  • HZN Rewards are distributed over eight weekly point-based lucky draws, starting from Oct 7th until Nov 27th.
  • NFTs are distributed to ALL participants who complete all listed requirements, see below for full list. NFTs will be available for minting on GALXE (Project Galaxy) at the end of the campaign.
  • Have a minimum stake of 1,000 HZN in Horizon Genesis each week. Read our staking guide or watch a video tutorial.
  • Claim your weekly rewards from staking HZN in Horizon Genesis
  • If you meet the stake and claim requirements each week, submit your wallet address in the form by each Friday 2:52 PM UTC
  • Submitting in the form ONCE each week will apply for both the HZN rewards and the NFT
  • Only addresses that have staked and claimed AFTER 9/25 are eligible
  • You can gain points that will increase your chances of winning up to 5,000 HZN
  • If your wallet wins one week, you can still participate and win the following week’s raffle.
  • Each week all points are reset to 0 so everyone starts at the same playing field again
  • (Required) Earn +1 point: Stake a minimum of 1000 HZN each week
  • (Required) Earn +1 point: Claim your HZN rewards for the week
  • (Optional) Earn +4 points: Perform a trade on Horizon Exchange (buy or sell any zAsset). Learn to trade on Horizon Exchange.
  • (Optional) Earn +2 points: For each LP you have staked in Horizon Genesis (HZN/BNB, zUSD/BUSD, zBNB/BNB). To learn how to stake LP tokens, please check our guides.
  • (Optional) Earn +4 points: Write about your experience with Horizon Protocol by retweeting the pinned message on @Horizon Protocol and choosing ‘quote tweet’!
  • Stake a minimum of 1000 HZN
  • Perform a trade on Horizon Exchange (buy or sell any zAsset)



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Horizon Protocol

Horizon Protocol

A DeFi platform facilitating the creation of on-chain synthetic assets representing the real economy. https://horizonprotocol.com/