AMA Answers with Horizon Protocol Team


  • General Knowledge
  • Horizon Exchange — Debt Stability
  • Horizon Exchange — Access
  • Obstacles
  • Partnerships
  • Community

General Knowledge

1. How will zUSD rewards be calculated when Horizon Exchange is live?

2. When will the roadmap of 2023 be updated with more specific points and what will be the core focus?

3. From your perspective, what are the main advantages over similar projects?

4. My main concern is: how will the team convince that Horizon Protocol should be used and not other similar projects?

5. Recently, Binance Smart Chain is quite often experiencing lagging, delays, and other issues, which could negatively influence Horizon Protocol users (cannot buy/sell in time, etc.) What’s the approach in such situations?

Horizon Exchange — Debt Stability

6. Once Horizon Exchange launches, what are the initial expectations for the users and the capital (base debt pool)? Are there any plans on providing initial capital/MM to avoid big debt movements?

7. What are the options when someone wants to only stake HZN? How to defend against debt movements when inverse zAssets will be available later?

8. Any plans on something like Horizon Exchange index token (index of all assets) or Debt token? And its inverted version?

Horizon Exchange — Access

9. Will the trading of standard stock zAssets pause along with global markets or will they also be trade-able during weekends?

10. Why no Chinese stocks for launch?

11. Will there be an option to place limit orders later like how it works on CEX?

12. Any plans to deploy on other EVM compatible blockchains? For example, Moonriver is a place that could be adopted by HZN.

13. If the exchange relies solely on the backing of zUSD and the market cap of the project remains very small, this greatly affects the amount of zAssets that can be created/exchanged. Does the team see this as a problem? Do they have an idea for a solution?

  • Getting new users to stake by increasing demand and exposure for the project through marketing and educational content.
  • Creating new types of collateral onramps to back the minting of zAssets
  • Building onramps to other blockchains and tapping into the liquidity and user base of other chains.
  • Increase capital efficiency by lowering the Target C-Ratio


14. Is the delay due to Phoenix Oracle not being ready?

15. What does the team see as the biggest obstacle facing the project going forward?

16. What are the plans when in approximately 8 months, vested rewards start to be released (1.2M HZN weekly)? With current liquidity, a market sell of 200K HZN (~$28K) on PancakeSwap moves the price by approximately 4.5%.

17. According to the team, will the release be better if it happens when the market is bullish?


18. Is Binance or CZ involved in the project in any capacity?

19. When will there be a listing on a decent volume CEX?

  • Build up value and volume first. We do this by leveraging DEXs and marketing to bolster the project alongside product development. All of our trading stats have no artificial inflation (an anomaly in the space where MMs are used to boost trading activity.) This is to reach a point where Tier 1 Exchange listings will become easier and we skip the necessity to pay for less popular exchanges.
  • Spend a large amount of money with MMs to list on many CEXs on the way up to Tier 1 exchanges when HZN prices are valued low.

20. In terms of getting listed on other exchanges (CEX/Binance), are you currently filling out listing applications for various exchanges or will you wait until our own exchange is launched. Are you willing to pay for listing and if so, what “money” will be used? Community Fund/Allocation? Or are you simply waiting for exchanges to approach you because of our great product? And perhaps list for free thanks to the volume it will bring to that exchange.

21. What are the team’s plans to list on a bigger DEX? Loads of noobs won’t use PancakeSwap and trade solely on bigger DEXs.

22. Will the Phoenix oracle be the only oracle? Is it capable of providing index info like commodities, real estate, etc.?


23. How do you see the development of community involvement over time leading up to achieving a horizon DAO?



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