A Tale of Clams

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3 min readJul 29, 2022


Last week we announced the Horizoneer birthday raffle to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Horizon Genesis. Today the raffle has concluded. We have stopped accepting new submissions today, Friday July 29th, at 12 pm UTC. All submissions that met the listed requirements will be able to claim their “Horizoneer” NFT starting from Wednesday, August 10th to Friday, Aug 19th.

Steps on how to claim your NFT:

  • Go to Horizon Protocol’s campaign page on Project Galaxy.
  • Connect with the wallet you submitted in the Google form.
  • Claim your NFT. The claim fee will be covered by Horizon Protocol.

The winners of the HZN prizes will automatically receive the HZN tokens on the address that they’ve submitted. We will announce when the prize distribution has been completed.

Today also marks the 1-year anniversary of the first claim day (or Clamday) on Horizon Genesis! This means that the first batch of escrowed HZN rewards are now available to be unlocked by stakers. To unlock your escrowed rewards, you will need to initiate a manual blockchain transaction. You can do so by going to the Escrow page and clicking the ‘UNLOCK’ button. If the button is grayed out, it means that you currently don’t have any escrowed rewards available for unlocking. The table below the button shows every claim you have made, and when each portion becomes available to be unlocked by you.


Stakers on Horizon Genesis are incentivized for the effort they put into maintaining a healthy C-Ratio. This is done because active stakers take a risk in order to keep Horizon Protocol healthy and safe overall. Learn more about the C-Ratio. These weekly rewards come from the Horizon Protocol Supply and Inflation Policy, and any fees generated within Horizon Protocol such as trading fees accrued on Horizon Exchange. At the time of writing, the APY for staking on Horizon Genesis is around ≈76.54%. Learn how to stake on Horizon.

These weekly rewards are distributed every Friday around 5 am UTC, and become available to be claimed by stakers with a healthy C-Ratio; which is currently set at a minimum of 700%. Learn how to manage your debt and C-Ratio.

Formally called claim day, it is thanks to our community members that it now carries the nickname ‘Clamday’. The origin of this word stems from a typo on Horizon Genesis while it was still on testnet.

Initially the community adopted the word as an inside joke. However, it wasn’t long before the use of Clamday started spreading, stickers were created and memes were made.

Credits: (Left) Horizon Protocol team, (Right) Michael a.k.a. Lord Clammus the 1st

Eventually, Clamday became part of HZN terminology.

“Clam day is the same for everybody. It’s a universal constant. If you travelled to another galaxy at 99% of the speed of light, circled its black hole and then came back to earth, everybody you’ve ever known would be dead. But it would still be clam day in about 4 hours.”- Michael

“I wish you a merry clam day, I wish you a merry clam day, I wish you a merry clam day and a clammy new year!“- Henk

“Clam day should be a worldwide holiday”- Mathieu Dalpé

We hope you enjoyed this history lesson from the HZNation, and we wish every single one of you a Clamtastic weekend! And remember: “We are the Clampions, my frens.”



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